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" The Knockabouts "

Hairy Woodpecker Pair

Limited edition Giclee' print, image size 11" x 16.5"

From an original watercolor

100 signed and numbered $135.00 ea

25 signed and numbered Artist Proofs $169.00 ea

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A hairy woodpecker is one of the friendliest birds to come in to your feeder. He has no loud squawk like a magpie, he will not empty feeders like a grey jay will and he will not scold you for a feeder being empty like a chickadee will. A hairy woodpecker will fly in to your suet feeders, announce his presence with one chirp, then take bites or pieces from the suet cake, and fly away any time during the year. Attracting this polite bird to your feeder is a real pleasure.

The pair mate and later in the spring, they will make a small cavity in a tree for nesting. The female will lay between 3 and 6 white eggs. The pair will share incubation duty for 11 to 15 days until the eggs crack. Babies will be fed by both parents until they leave the nest 28 to 30 days later.

The male hairy is black and white striped on its wings, head and back. It has a small red spot at the back of the head. The female looks the same, except she lacks the red spot on her head. (The hairy woodpeckers are larger than the downy woodpeckers, which are also black and white striped with red spots.) The hairys have flexible legs, which allow them to cling to the bark of trees, and move around tree trunks and up and down wood siding. A hairy is between 8 and 9 1/1” inches tall, from its head to the tip of its tail.

Hairy woodpeckers will be one of the first visitors to your yard if you hang suet and live near trees. Once you keep feeding them, they will be year-round visitors and bring their offspring, too. Their presence will eliminate bugs, entertain you and provide a nature show for anyone watching. hairy woodpecker lives all across the lower 48  United States and in to southern and western Canada and Alaska year-round. The male hairy will mark his territory each spring by drumming on hollow trees or logs. His drumming and size of territory is what attracts a female.

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