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"Rough Seas"

Having put the HMS Resolution to sea from Nootka Sound, Alaska on April 26th, 1778

Captain James Cook encountered a storm that eventually, as he put it in his journal:

"Blew a perfect Hurricane..." He judged that he could no longer run

before the storm and must bring the ships head to Southward under

the foresails and mizzen stay-sails. To add further drama to the situation,

it was about this time that the Resolution sprung a leak.

In this print, Charles has attempted to

portray this perilous period of time when the hardy crew members

are taking in the sails and re-rigging in order to survive the storm.

Rough Seas

"Rough Seas" is reproduced from an original acrylic painting and published in a limited collectors edition of 50 S/N Canvas Giclee prints. With 10, S/N Artist Proofs. and 5 Artist's reserve AP's, Canvas is mounted on Gatorboard to prevent future sagging and restretching.. (Note: prints are sold unframed, framing shown is only a sample)

Detail from painting



10 Artist's Proof Edition.......Sold Out

5 Artist's Reserve AP Edition, ....Sold Out

50 Collectors Edition

20" x 30" (Unframed mounted canvas)

Price: $2000.00 + S&H Each



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